What tf is space midrash?

Space Midrash is an original podcast by Jacob Sager probing the intersection of Jewish civilization and the space age. Episodes explore themes of space news, sci-fi, science history, famous personalities, and Jewish conversations on life and meaning. Subscribe and download at your favorite podcast provider.

Why does the space age matter?

With explosive growth in space infrastructure and tourism, the great endeavor into the final frontier is no longer for the select few. Jews hold an interesting place in humanity as being part of a long-standing civilization; however, all peoples will need to grow in their thinking in order to thrive in the space age. As more people see earth from low earth orbit and beyond, society and everyone’s sense of meaning will shift, even if you don’t leave the earth.

How does this podcast fit in?

This podcast takes seasonal lenses on the ideas, people, forces, and stories shaping Jewish civilization in the space age. In the first season, Jacob sets the framework for his perspective and the show’s mission. Episodes are framed around a question and an idea in three parts.

What should you do now?

Listen and engage with Jacob on facebook on in the comments. Follow Space Midrash on facebook, subscribe and review on your podcast provider, and share it with other people you know. If you want to support the show further, please purchase merchandise.

Where can I listen?

On any podcast provider. Links will be available July 23rd.