Ep. 3: How do we see ourselves (from space)?

Space Midrash
Space Midrash
Ep. 3: How do we see ourselves (from space)?

In episode 3 of Space Midrash, Jacob probes the Overview Effect, its implications on Jewish civilization, and what that means about narrative collapse. The Overview Effect is a philosophy of social evolution in the space age by Frank White inspired by his interviews with astronauts about their experience.

In his opening monologue, Jacob jests on the famous hubble photo of earth from space adorning every classroom in his elementary school. In part one he examines three tenets from Frank’s book: 1) The overview effect 2) copernican perspective 3) Universal insight. In part two, Jacob offers his definition of Jewish civilization as well as a Jewish analysis of Frank’s ideas. In the last part, Jacob probes narrative collapse and how Jewish civilization is ready for another one.

  • [02:43] “Earth from Space” Poster in every classroom
  • [04:20] The Overview Effect and Passover
  • [06:37] What is the Overview Effect, Who is Frank White
  • [08:18] What is the Copernican Perspective
  • [09:34] What is Universal Insight
  • [ 10:17] Quote from the Overview Effect, 2021, p.131
  • [12:50] The Overview Effect’s affect on Jewish Civilization
  • [14:47] Why Jacob says “Jewish Civilization” over other nomenclature
  • [16:43] The Copernican Perspective and Jewish Civilization
  • [18:33] Universal Insight and Jewish Values
  • [20:48] Note about Jewish astronaut interviews in the Overview Effect
  • [22:03] Quote from Present Shock, by Douglas Rushkoff, p.39
  • [22:47] Quote from The Overview Effect,2021, p.218
  • [25:34] Opportunity for cultural leadership in space age

My article on Pesach in the Space Age: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/our-first-seder-in-outer-space/

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