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Podcast probing the intersection of Jewish Civilization and the Space Age.

Cosmic Insights

Philosophical and historical perspectives on space.

Jewish Heritage

 How Jewish life intertwines with the space age.

Engaging Conversations

Dialogues with experts, leaders, and space professionals.

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Space Midrash
Space Midrash
Shmooze with Deana Weibel: Anthropology of Religion in Space & The Ultraview Effect

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Confronting the silence of space with the richness of Jewish philosophy, you crave a dialogue that spans millennia. Embrace the fusion of tradition and future, and explore what lies beyond. Ignoring this connection risks losing a unique perspective on our future among the stars.

Space Midrash seeks to engage contemporary Jewry, secular and religious, into the space age. Intertwining Jewish heritage, wisdom, and futurism with cosmic exploration, Space Midrash aims to proliferate the Overview Effect to Jewish communities and individuals, provoking thought about humanity’s place in the universe.

Exploring space with Jewish wisdom guiding the way.

Understanding the impact of space travel on humanity.

Insight into the future of humanity in the cosmos.


Space Midrash isn’t just a podcast; it’s an ever-evolving exploration of Jewish philosophy and the space age. Now, you can interact with Space Midrash GPT, a custom AI that knows every episode and idea inside out. 🤖✨

Ready to dive deeper? Ask Space Midrash GPT about Jewish astronauts, the overview effect, and the profound insights of the Space Midrash Manifesto. Whether you’re curious about the latest episode or want to explore timeless themes in new contexts, Space Midrash GPT is here to guide your cosmic journey. 🌠🕎

Meet the Jewish Astronauts 🌌👩‍🚀

Dive into the stellar stories of Jewish astronauts who have ventured beyond Earth 🌍, shaping the future of space exploration.

Our comprehensive resource database 📚 highlights their groundbreaking missions 🚀, personal journeys, and the unique ways their heritage influenced their experiences in space. From trailblazers like Judith Resnik and Ilan Ramon to current innovators, explore the profound impact and contributions of these remarkable individuals.

Visit the Space Midrash Jewish Astronaut Database to celebrate their legacy 🌟 and discover the intersection of faith and the final frontier.

Hi, I’m Jacob Sager, the dynamic host of Space Midrash! Blending Jewish philosophy 🕎 with space exploration 🚀, I bring unique and inspiring insights.

Keynotes 🎤, Workshops 🛠️, Private Lectures 📚:

Keynotes 🌟: Engaging talks on Jewish civilization and the space age 🌠.

Workshops 🤝: Interactive sessions on the Jewish Futurism 📜 and cultural leadership 🏅.

Private Lectures 🕯️: Personalized explorations of Jewish space history 🗣️ and ethical futurism 🌍.

Jacob’s intellectual curiosity 🧠 and captivating style 🎭 make him the perfect choice for your next event. 🌟

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Our Story

We believe in an artful, ethical humanity thriving amongst the cosmos…

The Space Midrash podcast, hosted by Jacob Sager, is a compelling series that merges Jewish heritage and space exploration, engaging listeners with discussions on Jewish astronauts, the cultural impact of space travel, and humanity’s cosmic future. It features conversations with experts, community leaders, and space professionals, offering insights into how Jewish values shape and are shaped by the final frontier. This unique blend of philosophy, history, and forward-looking ideas invites a deeper understanding of our place in the cosmos.

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