4: Sitting Shiva for Spock

Space Midrash
Space Midrash
4: Sitting Shiva for Spock

In this episode of Space Midrash, Jacob discusses the death of Spock in the Start Trek movie, Start Trek Two, Wrath of Kahn. In unpacking some of the plot and motif, Jacob explores how Spock’s funeral scene relates to the Jewish pracitces of Kaddish and Shiva. From there, Jacob probes why he thinks we need to talk about dying as part of Space exploration and how Jewish mourning practices should join human settlement in space.

Spock Death and Funeral Scene, Start Trek Two: The Wrath of Kahn

[00:36] Apology to Trekkies for possible triggers
[01:52] Kirk’s Euology Speech
[03:03] Vulcans as the Jew in the future
[03:41] The Mourner’s Kaddish
[04:14] Sitting Shiva
[04:56] Mourning as existential Tool
[06:22] Mourning as a Jewish expression
[07:06] Closing Question

Audiogram of the episode

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