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  • 19: Jewish Space Tourism

    19: Jewish Space Tourism

    In this episode, Jacob defines the three types of Jewish tourism, outlines the current and expected modes of Space tourism, and finally mashes them together to explain how Jewish Space Tourism will start out. Transcript You are listening to space midrash. I am your host, Jacob Sager. I believe in an artful, ethical and inclusive…

  • 14: Jewish Objects Brought to Space

    14: Jewish Objects Brought to Space

    Many Jewish objects have crossed the Karmen line into space – religious, cultural, and personally meaningful items. This episode is a quick overview of those items.

  • 12: The New Jewish Astronauts

    12: The New Jewish Astronauts

    Before the inaugural Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic flights, there had been 16 Jewish astronauts, all professional. Since last year, 3 more Jews have ventured into space. These new Jewish Astronauts embody the intersection of Jewish and Space Age values. This Episode briefly recaps the missions of Jared Issacman (SpaceX), William Shatner (Blue Origin), and…

  • 7: Why ‘drash on Space?

    7: Why ‘drash on Space?

    Episode 7 turns inward: Jacob’s daughter asked him to make an episode explaining what Space Midrash means. He describes the intersection of Jewish Civilization and the Space Age as well as defines the title: Space Midrash.

  • Ep. 1: What does the Space Age mean for the Jews?

    Ep. 1: What does the Space Age mean for the Jews?

    Space Midrash is a podcast that explores the intersection of Jewish civilization and the space age. Our goal is to promote understanding and cooperation between these two areas. Jacob Sager is the host of the Space Midrash podcast. – How space is becoming increasingly important in our world – The increase in the number of…