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  • 20: Anniversary & Top Moments

    20: Anniversary & Top Moments

    Looking back at 1 year of episodes, Jacob recounts 5 highlights of producing the show including his favorite episode.

  • 15: Star Gazing at Summer Camp

    15: Star Gazing at Summer Camp

    Camp allows us to think bigger, so what’s bigger than space? This episode offers program ideas for bringing outer space to your Summer Camp. Outer Space + Summer Camp = 7 ideas for Space Programming at Jewish Summer Camps.

  • 7: Why ‘drash on Space?

    7: Why ‘drash on Space?

    Episode 7 turns inward: Jacob’s daughter asked him to make an episode explaining what Space Midrash means. He describes the intersection of Jewish Civilization and the Space Age as well as defines the title: Space Midrash.